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i am worried about 2013. >> i am a fan of mexico. i think ben is right. we appreciate it and another guy who is always right. david asbin on forbes. here's dave. >> welcome to america. welcome to government hand outs? a republican law makers demanding that the department of scort scort taking down the web site showing new immigrants how to sign from medicaid to food stamps. is this the new american dream. welcome to forbes on fox we'll go to mr. steve forbes elizabeth and rick and mike. steve, is this the america you know and love? >> no, david, it is not just immigrants of the country. people here now they are trying to make dependent on
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the government. that means more votes for them and you center the hidous cartoon. birth to death. corrupting us and the immigrants and got to stop it >> rick, it is it a land of opportunity and hand outs. >> no one is handing it out. >> yes, they are. nit is just information that is available. same example -- information that shows up. anybody here in the table mitt romney, his father when he came here from mexico. he got that exact kind of government aid and he turned out to be president of one of the nation's biggest autocompanis and became governor of the state of the michigan. >> my dear friend rick unger has to be brought up to date. he didn't get them.
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it is supplement security income and that is it free money from the government. this is in addition to medicaid and to food stamps it is a $1,000 a month you get. it is it a lot of new stuff. this by the way was started under richard nixon and meant for blind and handicapped people. and i have to be kind to my friend rick since he beat me out of a starbucks coffee. but that said, we have become dependent on government. $3900 20 years ago was the average entitlement spending per person and adjusted for inflation that is it 70 percent increase. we have become a nation dependent on government hand outs and how can we not expect immigrants from saying i want
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mine, too. >> it is insulting to taxpayers and immigrants who come here looking for work and not hand outs . can't blame the immigrants. >> we are blaminglet government for offering too much. >> all citizens should be treated equal you have to look at welfare reform comprehensuvly. there is too much finger pointing at immigrants and they qualify for the same benefits. steve is right. it applies to everybody. >> emac. the blame goes specifically to a government that is trying to offer craider to grave benefits without offering the opportunity. hand outs and opportunity are two different things. >> you are right. immigrants built this nation and a lot of people called illegal immigrants are helping
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to build from all sorts of the parts of the earth we spent a trillion on basically on welfare that is more than defense and medicare combined. but we are talking about illegal immigrants that are given food stamps and they are not entitled to medicaid or medicare or social security. it is a food stamp program and set up with whether mexico is pulling up their fair share. >> and john, you go to the web site. anybody can go to the web site. welcome to america web site this is it just a page from it government ben fets and welcome to america here are the benefits and here are the freebeies. and depending on your immigration status and length of time in the u.s., you may be eligible for federal benefit programs and it goes through a long lit any and it is long and a lot of money. >> it is unfortunate.
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immigrants are treasures the arrival of each one makes us more american because it signifies. >> if they are here to work. >> absolutely. it is it the last thing you want to do is offer them hand out to come here. that insures that you get a lower quality person coming here. we want to attract those who want to come here and achieve. >> steve, that is it the problem. i would say the overwhelming number of immigrants come here to work there are some that is drawn like in europe. offering the benefits. and they came just for the benefits. >> yeah, unfortunately john is right. most immigrants want to get ahead as lincoln put it and improve your on lot in life. this is about the citizenry and occupiants of the country, they want to subvert us and make us independent and that means votes for the center.
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we see what is happening in europe with they do that. >> rick, we have a list of all of those aliens that qualify. lawfully permitted for permanent residence. and people whose deportation is with held. there is it millions and millions of illegal and i would say illegal. they are not illegally. but their deportation that qualify with the benefits. >> i suspect this is not what they are doing if they have deportation they have bigger problems. >> they are offered the benefits, rick and they get it >> they are not offered. >> it is it right here in black and white. >> liz is it. and pointed out food stamps are not available to the people that you are talk being. >> hold ohold on, i am reading from the ins. once a individual qualifies from ssi. supplement security income
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they become eligible for other assistance programs as allowed by federal and state. medicaid and food stamps and housing choice. >> tell us who qualifies for ssi. in point of fact. >> why do i have to repeat this, rick? >> 7 classictions qualify. >> you are forgetting the modifying. they have to qualify. you said it yourself. how do i qualify for ssi? >> your point is taken but the broader point is when you look at what the government is doing unbeknowns to the viewers. they have scripts written for the bureaucrats to say to the recipient. here's how we overcome your self pride and give you a check even if you don't want it. it is a forced program and saying we want you to take the taxpayer help. >> this thing, mike has a
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tendency to expand as all government programs do. ssi was meant for the blind, handicapped and elderly. it was a maul amount of money and now larger. all government programs expand. is it not? >> they pitch them as free. but the over all economy. this is a large cost. look at current recovery since june 2009 and since that time median incomes are down 4600 on average. during the recession. they were down on average 2800. and so it was a great cost. >> and when you hear free from the government reach for your wallet and you will be paying for it if you are a taxpayer. college students and parents fed up with soaring tuition and crying foul. but some in the forbes team say it is it great for students and could lower
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tuition . there is it a flip side you don't want to miss and that's next d. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again. medicare open enrollment. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. ♪ open enrollment ends dember 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare.
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>> live from america's head quarters. i am healther childers. new develop am middle east as violent protest erupted in egypt over president morsi new sweeping powers. demonstrators accuse morsi of acting like a dictator and demanding he be thrown out of office. just last week the obama administration praised morsi for the help in brokerage a cease fire. >> americans are mourning the loss of dallas star larry hagman. he was known as jr ewing on dallas. he lost his battle yesterday in a dallas hospital. he was son of broadway star mary martin and known for role of tony nelson.
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it is one o'clock p.m. eastern time and now back to forbes on fox. just in time for the college football. new report shows that coaches are scoring big-time. froof them making two million bucks a season and a lot of parents and students are calling for cuts to help cut college costs. john, you say that is good for schools and students. you got to explain. this is a flip side. >> absolutely. parents and students need to relax and realize that football coaches get a fraction of all of the money. donations go up that pray for all of the other athletic teams and lower tuition. you want to get rid of the money producers and you will see pruition rise as a result.
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>> john's head if you cut back on the calories you can increase tuition costs. what do you say. >> i love john and we go back and forth on college e-mails he's wrong on this one and i will site the university of california. he went 3 and nine and less than half of the football players graduated from an elite institution . this is it a coach who harmed the reputation of one of the elite universities in the country. it is not only the tuitition price. but the value of the degree. >> emac you got to break the tie here. >> listen, i think that the college football program is great. how long can you squeeze students and continue to pay high college coach pay? how can you do that when basically the middle class is getting squeezed and can't afford college tuition.
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pugh research saying 97 percent of the college grauds can't afford it mississippi state, he gets 2.5 million and a fifth of the population of the state is unemployed and in poverty. i don't know how you can do that and squeeze the middle class students. >> mike as you may had well know is the czar of forbes magazine if you cut the salaries of the coaches, will it increase or lower tuition. ni think john is right. it would increase it. but measure ceo performance look at kelley in dame dame. he notre dame. and like derec dooly of tennessee earns the same as chemy and their team is terrible. he's not generating the revenue. but you have to look at what john said. a lot of times, people make
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donations to the school. like if you want to buy season tickets to the basketball or football program, you have to make huge donations to the school. they fund other programs beside football. we'll hear from a princeton grad. what do you think, steve? >> you have to pay for talent in sports and in business the real reason college costs are going up is the bloat of the administrative costs and scott brown in massachusetts was right when he reported that senator warren was making 4--ing you to -- $300 to teach one course. >> with certain viewers, i will cut them all the way to zero. and i think that the football program should be moved into a
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for profit subsidary. the university is for learning and football you do on your own time like going to the pool hall. >> john, what do you think of that solution? >> it is ridiculous. look at what happened to usc. university of the spoil would children and now it is impossible to get into. why pete carol arrived and donations to the school soaredlet >> but they are soaring because they are tax exempt. to bill's point. the colleges and universities are out of control because they are nonprofit. they have 40 administrators for every one student. and i don't know why stunes are giting squeezed when football is so profitable. nand they stand up for the university of the sphoil would children, go ahead, rich. >> and pete carol was running out and scandal trailing him the whole way. sc is a great school and more
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frominent over time and i don't know how you correlate it to pete carol. >> so far, no one is going for bill baldwin's solution. nand my reform plan would eliminate the ncaa. enthe football. thanks to the web education is upend football will be like the minor leagues for like baseball training and university, you are going to do it on computer and so enjoy it while you can. >> with that thought. we'll look on that for a while. unions strike a busy shopping center of the year and are they going to be scrooge that wreaks holiday sales. u.s. businesses are coughing up thieves for polluting. will this climate change. we report and you decide.
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can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
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>> near the first time ever. u.s. companies are paying a global warming fee for carbon emissions. in california the state raised 300 million for businesses buying cap and trade permits and more are expect tod come later. get rad for this to sweep over the crountry and sweep away
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jobbings. >> it means less investment and job cradings and lower standard of living. this is it another government attempt when gang sterse do at this time they don't have nuclear physicists weapons. you have to pay up. it is it a source of money and putting an artificial expense on business. >> if businesses have to pay more and they would cut back on jobs. >> i am contemplating the fact that california has nuclear weapons it is still far more red states than blue states. i wouldn't be concerned about it when it gets congress. >> it starts in california and spreads. nonly music. i am confident it will not. and troubles me.
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big business can handle this because of them having the over head but this crushes small business. >> morgan the president said he cares for more maul business. >> i don't buy many companies have bought in. and cliff bar is it making money and the largest tashion is the utilitiy companies have permit necessary place from the government that gradually scale down. the california government raised 300 million. they will look for more. just how man jobs can california erase. killing agriculture and construction and now manufacturing by taking away the fossil fuels.
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and when they get done in category there will not be any jobs except government workers . i point out that california unemployment down. >> how much. it is it a little going in the right thing. is it is the third highest in the nation and by the time jerry brown gets through it will be highest. >> i think they manage to losing million on two snaul darter fish. and they will lose more than 37,000 jobs. >> just on the flip side. california has the worst quality so maybe this will make up for it.
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retillers expecting gift cards to be big sterls. all you want for christmas is the stocks. stay tuned.
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>> we are back and we have stockings ready to heat up along with a morgan master card. and it is it a double digit >> you like it. >> great company with a flaw. they have a ridiculously fat profit marge. >> hope demo is not fat. >> i would get a gift card for joist hangers >> it is it a housing bubble. i would buy it >> you like the products with the bar coids on it. it is zebra tech. >> i love it gross margins are coming in sweet and strong and

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